Tree maintenance in Shire of Murrindindi, Victoria

If your trees are in desperate need of expert care and maintenance, you need local professionals with experience in tree surgery. We’re Victoria Treetech, a tree service Shire of Murrindindi residents can rely on. We specialise in a range of tree maintenance services, including tree pruning, complete tree removal, hedge trimming, land clearing, and more. For over twenty years, our family-owned tree maintenance business has served the areas of Mitchell, Macedon Ranges, and other areas surrounding Murrindindi Shire. As licensed and insured arborists, we’re fully qualified to handle residential and commercial tree work of all scales and sizes.

We’re dedicated to keeping customers satisfied, so we offer competitive rates, comply with current safety codes, and get the job done on time. If you’d like more information about our services and process, get in touch with our team to schedule an assessment and get a free quote.

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Murrindindi Shire Tree Surgeons

Thanks to years of industry experience, our team members are proficient in the latest tree maintenance techniques. We also use highly specialised equipment for any trimming, pruning, or grinding work to ensure efficient results without compromising on quality. Our crew is trained to employ proper safety measures, which include wearing safety gear while on site.

At Treetech Victoria, we follow a careful and comprehensive project management process, which includes everything from assessment and planning to post-project inspection and cleanup. We start by performing a site assessment of the trees and surrounding environment. If we spot signs of damage or decay, we mention it in our report, along with possible reasons and solutions. Whenever we recommend tree pruning, trimming, or removal, we make sure to submit an application and secure the necessary permit before we put our plan into action. After finishing the job, we make sure that you find the place better than how you left it. That’s why we clear up any debris and use a wood chipper to grind leftover wood into mulch

In addition to tree pruning and trimming, our range of services includes tree planting and management. Our specialist arborists can help you select suitable trees for your garden and provide expert guidance on appropriate pruning and trimming schedules. We also draft comprehensive reports for clients looking to secure a permit for tree lopping or removal.

Frequently asked questions

What is the tree felling process?

Tree felling starts with a site assessment. This includes determining if the terrain is suitable for felling trees, and whether the area around the tree provides enough clearance. Our crew also checks for nearby structures that could pose a hazard, like power lines or other trees.

We assess the tree itself by checking for signs of decay and defects. This also includes seeing if trees lean heavily in a specific direction. After clearing away any obstacles and vegetation at the base of the tree, we make a felling cut and use a pull rope if necessary.

When is tree removal needed?

At Treetech Victoria, we recommend tree removal services if you want to make more space on your property or if the tree is severely damaged or diseased and at risk of falling. If you’re considering building an extension or renovating your property to add a patio or deck, removing trees may be required. In some cases, tree removal is necessary for safety reasons, like reducing the risk of a bushfire. Similarly, the tree’s roots may have overgrown and are causing damage to your property’s foundation or plumbing, making tree removal necessary.

Do you provide emergency tree services?

Yes, we provide 24/7 emergency tree services including tree lopping, pruning and removal. If one of the trees on your property has faced extensive damage and is at risk of falling or has fallen, our team can promptly remove it to prevent further damage. Similarly, if trees’ heavy branches could fall due to storm damage, our team can help remove them.

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