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At Treetech Victoria, we understand that getting rid of a pesky stump is a difficult task. That’s why we use specialised equipment and expert techniques to offer professional stump removal services that restore your property’s appearance. Our crew offers a complete range of services throughout the Shire of Mitchell, Shire of Macedon Ranges, Shire of Strathbogie, Shire of Campaspe, Shire of Murrindindi, City of Greater Bendigo, and City of Greater Shepparton, including forestry mulching, stump grinding, and green waste disposal. With 20+ years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to remove all types of tree stumps and roots, no matter how stubborn. We take pride in our ability to meet deadlines, set competitive prices, and deliver satisfactory results. Not to mention, our licensed arborists comply with local safety guidelines. Get in touch with us today for a free quote on tree stump removal services.

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Tree stump removal

After getting your tree removed, you’ll likely have the entire stump left. Our stump removal team at Treetech Victoria can handle all types of stump removals, whether they’re big or small, easy or complex. Before we remove tree stumps, we assess them to determine their size and condition. But no matter what type of stump removal is required, we make sure to follow safety guidelines and use the right tools during the process.

We recommend tree stump removal to prevent tree roots from causing damage to underground systems like plumbing or wiring. This is especially true if your reason for removing a tree is that the roots are affecting the foundation or encroaching on public property, such as lifting the pavement. In this case, we use manual or chemical removal.

Stump grinding

When you need a way to safely remove a stump without taking a lot of time, stump grinding services are efficient and don’t affect your surrounding area. As professional arborists, we use a state-of-the-art stump grinder to mechanically grind the stump below grade. All visible parts of the stump and its roots are ground into small wood chips below ground level. Getting your stump ground is a cost-effective method that requires appropriate training and gear. That’s why we recommend letting our stump grinding team handle the work.

Land clearing

If you or your company is planning new construction on an undeveloped block, our land clearing services can help you prepare the site. The two most important steps of land clearing are brush removal and tree mulching. The first involves removing trees, plants, grass, and other vegetation, while tree mulching involves grinding trees and vegetation into wood chips that can be used for erosion control or landscaping. After that, we clean up any debris and level the area so you can move forward with construction.

Brush removal

Brush is a type of vegetation that includes small trees, shrubs, and bushes, and it gets in the way of the construction process. At Treetech Victoria, our team members are fully trained to operate the appropriate machinery needed to remove brush and undergrowth. After removal, we also take steps to recycle plant material, like grinding it into mulch. We also use dirt or soil to fill up any hole left behind after the brush removal process. Over the years, we’ve provided land clearing services for numerous clients overseeing both residential and commercial construction projects.

Tree mulching

Our land clearing process also includes tree mulching, an added step that provides various benefits for property owners. After removing existing vegetation, we use a machine, such as a wood chipper, to convert grind shrubs into small chips to improve the soil and help with erosion control. Then, we spread wood chips across the newly cleared area. Mulching promotes moisture retention in soil and keeps weeds from growing back.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I try stump grinding myself?

Without proper training, experience, and equipment, tree stump and root removal is difficult and possibly dangerous. Our qualified arborists are equipped with complete safety gear, and they’re fully insured to address any liability concerns.

What are the risks of leaving tree stumps?

If a tree fell in your yard, leaving the tree stump could cause a trip hazard and ruin the appearance of your garden. Stumps can also become a breeding ground for unwanted pests and insects, which can lead to an infestation. Leaving the tree stump also allows the root system to continue growing, which can damage your property’s foundation.

What are the benefits of using mulch?

Using mulch for your backyard or garden can improve the soil’s water retention by reducing water evaporation. It also controls the growth of weeds, increases soil ventilation, and retains nutrients.

Can wood chips be used as mulch?

Yes, freshly ground wood chips can be used as mulch on the soil surface. It improves the quality of your soil by preserving moisture and nutrients, which encourages better tree growth. We provide organic mulch sourced from local trees, so if you need quality mulch for your garden, give us a call.

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