Tree removal service

At Treetech Victoria, we’ve got the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to offer safe and efficient tree removal services, whether it’s to remove hazardous trees or make space in your yard.

Thanks to 20 years of industry experience, we maintain consistent quality and cost effective pricing for our tree and arborist services in and around the Goulburn Valley.

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Tree felling

At Treetech Victoria, we specialise in tree felling services, which require extensive expertise, preparation, and the right equipment. Our tree removal company starts the job process by evaluating the tree’s condition, such as the species and size.

To safely remove a tree by felling, we cut off the canopy and large limbs. Then, we consider factors like nearby structures and make precise felling cuts so the tree falls in a specific direction.

Our team prioritizes safety and precautions, incorporating protective gear and specialized equipment. These measures significantly reduce the risk of accidents, ensuring an efficient tree removal process. When it comes to tree felling, our expertise and meticulous attention to detail establish us as the top choice in the Shire of Mitchell, Shire of Macedon Ranges, Shire of Strathbogie, Shire of Campaspe, Shire of Murrindindi, City of Greater Bendigo, and City of Greater Shepparton.

Tree cutting & maintenance

The tree removal process depends on the tree’s health condition. If you require a dead tree removal job, scaling the tree isn’t a viable option.

Such a job typically calls for crane assisted tree removal, in which our team uses a crane to cut down tree sections. This helps prevent safety concerns like falling limbs or branches getting tangled up in power lines.

Hazardous tree removal

When trees are heavily damaged, they risk causing damage or injuring someone. Our qualified crew can handle a hazardous removal job and perform detailed inspections to understand your trees’ health and stability.

Once we evaluate the tree’s trunk, roots, and nearby environment, we can determine if removal services are necessary.

Emergency tree removal

At Treetech Victoria, we offer an emergency tree service, which includes both storm clean-up and emergency tree removals.

We’re available around the clock to restore the safety of your front yard by removing fallen or severely damaged trees before they fall and cause damage.

Fallen tree removal service

Without proper care services, trees are susceptible to damage due to pests, disease, or harsh weather conditions, making them likely to snap and fall over. If you’re dealing with fallen trees, we provide full-service solutions to remove them from your property.

Shrub removal

We offer shrub maintenance and pruning services to preserve their appearance and prevent structural issues. When shrubs are overgrown or affected by disease, our professional tree service offers quick and safe removal to keep small trees healthy.

Recognizing the significance of sustaining a thriving shrub ecosystem, we provide professional shrub pruning services to promote optimal growth and enhance their appearance. Trust our expertise as we approach your removal needs with professionalism.

Land clearing

If you’re planning new construction, our professional company offers land clearing services. We use specialised equipment and security gear for tree removal, stump grinding, and clearing away debris.

Whether it’s for a small residential project or a commercial development job, we promise quality service and competitive prices.

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Shire of Strathbogie

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Shire of Campaspe

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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide 24/7 tree removal?

Yes, we have a crew of professional arborists available around the clock to handle emergency removals. If a tree has fallen on your property or you’re concerned that a tree will fall due to harsh weather conditions, give us a call for a quality fallen tree removal service.

Do you have qualified arborists for tree cutting?

Yes, each tree removalist on our team is licensed and fully insured with public liability coverage. So even though we maintain a very high standard of safety, we carry comprehensive coverage to address liability concerns in the event of unforeseen injuries or damage.

Is shrub removal part of the land clearing process?

Yes, our professional services are designed to remove all vegetation from the undeveloped block and prepare it for construction. This includes shrubs, weeds, trees, and stumps.

How do you calculate the cost of tree felling?

Our consulting arborist calculates the cost of removal and felling services based on factors like the tree’s size, species, and health condition. We also consider the location, accessibility, and need for other equipment when determining costs. Contact us for a free quote.

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