Tree trimming service

Professional tree trimming can make a big difference in your trees’ life expectancy. That’s why our team at Treetech Victoria offers a full range of tree pruning services throughout the Shire of Mitchell, Shire of Macedon Ranges, Shire of Strathbogie, Shire of Campaspe, Shire of Murrindindi, City of Greater Bendigo, and City of Greater Shepparton to provide regular maintenance.

Our professional arborists are dedicated to putting safety first and providing impeccable results. All while offering transparent pricing without hidden fees, so you save money. We also carry comprehensive public liability insurance and offer free quotes on our services.

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Tree pruning

As a trusted tree pruning service, we serve residential and commercial clients based in and around the Goulburn Valley. Getting a tree pruned is linked to numerous benefits, such as enhancing aesthetic qualities and resistance to pest-related damage.

Gradual removal of overgrown tree branches is an effective way to maintain a healthy growth pattern and enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Trust Treetech Victoria for quality tree pruning services. Avoid common mistakes like topping or excessive pruning that can harm your trees in the long run. Rely on our skilled team for professional and reliable care, ensuring your trees stay healthy.

Pruning services

There are different ways to prune trees, depending on the issue you want to address. Every job will involve branch removal to some extent, but some focus on cutting dead branches and dead leaves. In some cases, branch pruning will focus on improving circulation, crown reduction, or canopy lifting.

Similarly, the species of the tree also determines whether you need specialised care, like palm tree pruning or fruit tree pruning. Rest assured that we’ll send a qualified arborist to assess your front yard or garden to determine what tree work you need.


Our qualified arborists at Treetech Victoria take a professional approach to deadwooding to promote the health of your trees. By removing dying tree branches, we prevent safety risks like injuries or property damage to fallen branches. It also prevents the spread of diseases to healthy parts of your tree.

Rely on the expertise of Treetech Victoria for exceptional deadwooding services that prioritize the health and safety of your trees.

Crown and Canopy thinning

At Treetech Victoria, our arborist services include tree thinning, which involves the selective removal of branches through the tree’s canopy and crown.

This promotes ventilation and allows sunlight to reach the innermost sections of the tree. During crown thinning, our team evenly removes branches to avoid altering the tree’s shape.

Crown canopy Lifting

If your tree is sagging or drooping into unwanted areas, we provide canopy lifting among our other tree services.

Our tree specialists carefully remove the lower branches to inhibit the new growth of branches in areas that could cause obstructions. It also gives your trees a well-defined trunk and crown for better aesthetic appeal.

Crown thinning

To keep trees from interfering with nearby structures like powerlines, we offer pollarding and crown thinning services.

With crown thinning, we carefully remove branches to improve the tree’s structural integrity without changing its shape. With over 20 years of experience in the tree industry, we employ the best practices for residential and commercial tree trimming.

Tree lopping

Unlike trimming, tree lopping involves cutting down entire sections of trees to change their shape or size or even removing trees, if necessary. We recommend lopping in cases where leaving the tree as is could cause potential safety concerns.

It’s important to call a professional arborist for the job to avoid impacting the tree’s health. If you need an expert tree lopper to handle complex tree works, our friendly team can help.

Shrub trimming

As one of the top branch removal Shire of Mitchell crews, part of our tree maintenance work includes tree trimming and removing shrubs as needed. Shrubs can experience overgrowth and are at risk of diseases due to a lack of pruning.

The right arborist services, like tree trimming them can help maintain their appearance while improving their health. And if shrubs are getting in the way of your renovation or expansion plans, we offer permanent removal as well.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I try tree pruning myself?

Tree pruning requires expert knowledge regarding tree growth patterns, as well as appropriate safety gear. Without them, you risk experiencing injuries or causing property damage.

You may also need to secure approval from your local council to prune trees, particularly in the case of native species. Professional arborists know how to navigate the tree pruning process, do a fantastic job, and are fully insured, too.

What do you do after getting the tree pruned?

We provide a tree chipping service that uses a wood chipping machine to turn tree debris into small chips for mulching purposes. Our team also removes any other green waste from the property so your garden looks neat.

How often should I get my trees pruned?

How often you should prune your trees depends on their size, species, and the conditions they’re growing in.

Palm trees need to be pruned once or twice each year, while some species may not require frequent pruning. This also varies depending on the tree’s age. So, a young palm tree may require different pruning schedules from an older one.

When is tree lopping necessary?

A lopping job is needed when the tree poses a safety risk or is causing damage to nearby property.

For instance, if the tree’s branches are getting tangled up in powerlines or obstructing the view. If you require lopping services, contact us for a free quote.

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